Minimal daft punk sound pad interface.
jThump - js audio library
I developed an audio library that supports playing an unlimited number of channels in any browser using pure javascript (does not depend on flash or any other js library).  The code and demo page is open source.  Try making your own new age music by clicking the link below and tapping the 'z' key repeatedly.
Text Transformation Tools
One thing every developer deals with is Text.  It could be xml, css, log files, a shopping list but most of us deal with text in one form or another every day.  I built a collection of online tools to help me sort it, count it, search it, transform it as needed.
Learn HTML
I was asked to teach a class to 5th and 6th graders on how to build a webpage.  I created an online tutorial where each student could learn through discovery by typing code directly into the lesson.  I received notes from some of the kids telling me they loved the class and wanted to become a web developer when they grow up which made the teaching effort worth it.
Beat the Voltorb Coin Game
My kids like playing Pokemon.  There is a Voltorb coin game similar to mine sweeper where the number of coins and bombs in each row and column are given and it is up to the player to click as many squares with coins before hitting a bomb.  I built this little recursive javascript tool to help my kids win lots of Pokemon coins.
I Code for Fun
A contest was posted on the flashkit community forums to see who could make the coolest swf in under 5 kilobytes.  Where do I begin with that kind of green light?  Naturally it would need to be interactive with circular collision detection and incorporate gravity.  My entry won first prize as judged by my peers (try tossing the 8-ball around using your mouse).
Olympic Postage Stamp
I designed this postage stamp using watercolors as part of an assignment in highschool during the 1994 Winter Olympic Games.
Kool-Aid Santa
On Christmas Eve, my daughter and I sculpted a huge Santa in the snow and then colored it with kool-aid.
Beware of Turtle Shells
My wife sent me outside to wash our dirty car but instead I ended up carefully dusting away layers of dirt until this appeared.  She said I could wash it later...
Majestic Bald Eagle
I created this eagle using a medium called scratchboard which is paper covered in a thin layer of white clay followed by a coat of black ink on the top.  I then scratched away the highlights until this appeared.
Rainbow Macaw
I enjoy drawing birds.  I colored on top of solid black matte using oil pastels but leaving a "hole" in the back of one bird which turned into the beak for his friend after adding some highlights.
Steve Largent
I played football in highschool and was a fan of the Seattle Seahawks so I made this poster to hang in my room.
Mr. Karlinsky
My art teacher and ceramics teacher in high school had a bit of a rivalry so when the art assignment was to make a caricature of one of our teachers I naturally had to go with my ceramics teacher Mr Karlinsky.
Special Delivery
A quick sketch of a Stork to hang in the bedroom of our first baby boy using only a pencil (and possibly an eraser).
Reading Glass
This pencil drawing uses only midtones except for a select high contrast square creating a sort of lens effect.
Water and Light
Water distributes light in a very natural way.  I love the emotional result that can be achieved using watercolors.
Eye in the Sky
This "recursive" bird sketch was the result of an abstract surrealism assignment.
Synth Phone
I designed a website that shows how other websites render on different screen resolutions.
Universal Color Translator
I built an online tool which translates between the most popular color formats simply by typing any of them.  Try typing "crimson" or even your name and the page gives instant feedback.
Speaking of Color
After researching color theory and reading many articles online I found a list of the 16 most optimal colors to use in charts and graphs.  I created a little jsFiddle to help me remember.